Practice oriented marking tools for professionals

Made to withstand the craftsmen’s hard work

With products like Pica-Ink Deep-Hole-Marker, Pica-Dry Longlife Automatic Pen, as well as Pica-Gel Signalmarker, Pica-Marker has modernized the marking industry and craft. Technical competence and expert experience collected during decades in the writing instruments industry, and the inventive genius of the company’s founder Gerhard Möck constantly make visions come true, to bring extremely expedient and practical product details into the craftsmen’s workday life.
Best examples are: Pica-Ink’s “adjustable telescopic nib”, which enables a considerably longer product life or Pica-Dry’s integrated sharpener in the quiver cap. All these details have already defined new standards and facilitate work in the construction industry, in workshops, or in factories.

Pica BIG Dry: Carpenter pencil – next generation


Pica BIG Dry:  Carpenter pencil – next generation

Extremely tough!

Its automatic lead feed at the push of a button makes an easily operated marking tool out of it, ideal for rough surfaces like wood, stone, brickwork, concrete, etc. as you may find  daily on building sites. The special geometry of the leads in rectangular shape of 2 x 5 mm and 150 mm length make permits precise and extremely long markings, without annoying sharpening. A wide variety of different refill leads makes the Pica BIG Dry a modern problem solver for most versatile capabilities.


Pica catalogue 2018

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